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Your Outfitter | Dave Jellie

“A heart of gold with a ton of experience”

I have lived and breathed the outdoors and its pursuits for as long as I can remember, especially Hunting, Fishing and most shooting sports. 

As a young fella the untamed wilderness of New Zealand was my playground, I couldn’t get enough. I grew up hunting Red Deer and Possum for pocket money and eventually made it a business while it was possible.

My career choices followed in kind.

In close to 40yrs of hunting in NZ and guiding overseas I have been witness to many changes and trends and have done my best to keep up with them. As I have aged, my love of hunting, fishing and many other outdoor pursuits have only strengthened. It is simply who I am. I don't really know much of anything else and on reflection nearly every strong relationship I have in my life has been fostered by my interests in hunting, fishing and the many shooting sports I have participated in. 

I had a long and rewarding career in the NZ Army straight from school and when that finished, I went into Aviation flying helicopters, mostly in the breathtaking South Westland of New Zealand. Where we specialized in wild animal recovery by way of shooting and capture. We also serviced thousands of hunters, fishermen and their parties by way of helicopter access to some magnificent remote hunting and fishing spots. I learned a lot about our animals during that time. Especially important to someone like myself who specializes in free range hunting. 

While I take a lot of pride and enjoy in the true blue kiwi hunting adventures that we love to provide, we can also cater to any other hunt option someone may require. We have several private land and estate opportunities for all our prized game animals. 

I intend to offer specialized Guided Fishing trips and summer Hunts for both Thar and Chamois. This is an excellent time of year with less pressure on the animals, the Bull Tahr especially, being in large Bachelor groups. It will also allow more flexibility for you opposed to the fall/winter season.

As your Outfitter/Guide I feel very fortunate in being able to make any sort of a living from New Zealand's great outdoors. 

I usually spend from July to November in Canada guiding and while I am away the business is in the capable hands of Ashlea who manages the business

So, Join me on an  experience of a lifetime . You can be assured I will enjoy the hunt just as much!

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